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Gordon Parks

"I feel it is the heart, not the eye, that should determine the content  of the photograph. What the eye sees is its own. What the heart can  perceive is a very different matter."

Selected Sequences

Urban Sequences

Content pulled from: Dreams/2013, Grandma's House/2016

TRT - 8:00

Lighting Sequences

Content pulled from: Saints & Sinners/2017 - The Last Letter/2013 - Grandma's House/2016 - My Favorite Five/2015 - The Sin Seer/2015 - The Lift/2011

TRT - 8:42

Horror / Thriller Sequences

Content pulled from: Asomatous/2017 - The Taker/2016 - Mysteria/2011

TRT - 10:25

Action Sequences

Content pulled from: The Girl Gets Moe/1997 - Point Blank/1998

TRT - 7:23

Music Video Sequences

  • Content pulled from: Jaheim/"Finding My Way Back"- Kelly Price/"Not My Daddy" 2011 - Sharon Leal/"Giant" 2015

2nd Unit

Content coming soon.


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